Pro vs Basic Accounts

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GPS TrackingyesyesyesAccess and store tracking information about your assets, including reporting, alerting, and management
SOS alerts to EmailyesyesyesForward SOS alerts to any contacts defined as "Emergency Contacts" in your portal
SOS alerts to PortalyesyesyesPopup a red notification window the the asset name, ID, and location for any connected portal users
Text Message from PortalyesyesyesEasily send a free form text message from the web portal to your device
Canned MessagesyesyesyesSetup predefined text messages and synchronize them remotely with your device
Email to SBD GatewayyesyesyesYou can send a free form text message to the end device by sending an email to {IMEI}
Number of Assets1unlimitedunlimitedPro accounts are allowed to manage all of their assets in one interface, whereas Basic accounts can utilize one asset per account/login.
Users1unlimitedunlimitedThe account owner, or administrator, can create sub accounts and control which assets they have access to, permission levels, etc. This is only available for Pro accounts.
GeofencingnoyesyesGeofencing defines geographical zones which can trigger alarms via email, text, or portal notifications. We support 3 types of geofences, including circles, polygons, and lines.
User Access ControlnoyesyesUser permissions control which assets a user can view, modify, and/or alter. For example, if you have 100 devices, you can assign ten different devices to 10 different users and they cannot view each others assets, whereas the Administrator of the account can view all 100 assets.
Inter-Device MessagingnoyesyesDevices that support messaging, are assigned a "Message Routing ID" which you can then address from any device in your network. For example, Device #1 (ID 11) can send a message to Device #2 (ID 22) by sending a text message "22:Hello Device #2." The ID on the front of the text message tells our network to route the message to Device #2.
Multiple Hardware TypesnoyesyesThe platform supports more than 40 hardware devices, and will aggregate them all together into one interface that is simple to use. Messaging between devices will automatically be translated into the right network and format as well.
EncryptionnonoyesSupport for encrypted inbound and outbound communications including AES and OpenPGP.
Garmin IntegrationnonoyesUse Garmin screens to communicate with the tracking platform for driver monitoring, routing, and text messaging.